Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, December 2023

Rewrite your life’s philosophy.

The month begins with contemplation as the sun moves through a quiet sector of your chart. Time spent alone before the new year helps to organize your thoughts. Your mind is sharper as the planet of communication, Mercury, enters your sign on December 1. Mercury will be retrograde in your sign this month, so you’ll have multiple chances to reconsider and reroute.


Your powers of concentration and self expression flow as Mercury connects with your planetary ruler Saturn on December 2, December 21, and a final time next month. Getting in tune requires you to play some bad notes. A final draft implies there was a first draft! Love planet Venus clashes with Pluto on December 3, challenging power dynamics in relationships. Your relationship to your legacy and career is under transformation.

Go out and mingle as Venus enters your chart’s house of community and social networks on December 4. Be intentional and authentic about how you relate to your community and group at large. Venus harmonizes with Saturn on December 5, encouraging stability and longevity in relationships. You could be feeling more private and mysterious when it comes to your online presence or party persona. You’re getting aligned with your sense of purpose.

Neptune, the planet of illusions and myths, ends its retrograde on December 6, stirring confusion. You can confront your own biases. You may realize how you’ve been swayed by propaganda or marketing as this station falls in your chart’s house of communication.

Learning and teaching flow as Mercury harmonizes with Jupiter, the planet of philosophy, on December 7, December 18, and again in January. This repeating aspect progresses your worldview and it’s easy for you to define  yourself with generosity and space for growth. Your care, friendships, and capacity for self-expression can all be grounds for expansion.


Look out for overindulgence as Venus faces off with Jupiter on December 9. This aspect falls on your chart’s axis of friendships and social groups—so it could be a party! Or maybe you’re waxing poetic about friendship, exploring the deeper meaning of social and romantic connections. Emotional conversations flow as Venus connects with Mercury on December 11 and compassion and empathy are supported. This is also a supportive aspect for introductions—get to know a friend of a friend!

The new moon in Sagittarius falls on December 12, starting and ending a cycle. Again, Sagittarius season activates a solitary and contemplative place in your chart, so this new moon is great for alone time and confronting hidden parts of yourself. Reflecting on your own identity and role is part of the story as Mercury retrograde begins on December 13 in your sign. Old versions of yourself can feel more welcome now. Places you’ve traveled, words you’ve shared, and jobs you’ve worked, are all sites of remembering.

New spiritual or mystical views are generated as the sun clashes with Neptune, the planet of belief, on December 16. You’re confronting and exposing your own beliefs. Mercury again harmonizes with Jupiter on December 18 and conversations are repeating themselves, either out loud or in your head! This can refine your sense of right and wrong.


Relationships might not be their most practical as Venus faces off with Uranus, the planet of disruption, on December 21. This tension may bring a new way of experiencing love and connection. You can approach unconventional dynamics with a grounded and sobering perspective as Mercury connects with Saturn again (think back to December 2). 

Also on December 21, the sun enters your sign, ushering in a vibe shift as Capricorn season begins. Your point of view reigns right now and you are seeing changes initiated. A new cycle of knowledge begins as Mercury meets with the sun on December 22: This can be a moment of rewriting the script, redefining yourself, your titles, roles, skills, philosophies, education, and duties—you may refresh any of these things.

You can return to a more pensive perspective as Mercury retrogrades back into that spiritual, secluded sector of your chart on December 23. In solitude, you can gain a broader understanding of your position and psychology.

You can make peace with yourself as the sun connects with your planetary ruler, Saturn, on December 24. You’re being honest with yourself, and it feels right. You’re in touch with the role that you play in your relationships with your neighbors, siblings, and sibling-like friends. Healing, dreamy vibes flow as Venus harmonizes with Neptune on December 25, which can put you in the mood to do charity or share with those less fortunate in your community. It’s a sentimental aspect.


The full moon in Cancer lands on December 27, illuminating your chart’s house of relationships, surfacing conversations and feelings in your partnerships. This full moon harmonizes with Jupiter and Saturn, revealing commitments while connecting you to your happiness! Hopefully this clears up any misunderstandings. On December 27, Mercury clashes with Neptune, rehashing confusing topics that were also discussed around November 27. 

Also on December 27, goodwill flows as the sun harmonizes with Jupiter. Feel affirmed in what makes you happy! It’s a friendly and peaceful vibe, but look out for impulsive language as Mercury meets with Mars on this day. Confidence might mask a silly blurt. Maybe the first thing that comes to mind is funny—to you.

Improvisation and flexibility are a source of strength as Mars clashes with Neptune on December 28. You might find yourself in a situation where you need to think on your feet, and come up with something truly inspired out of the ether!

Love planet Venus connects with power planet Pluto, intensifying relationships on December 29. You’re in touch with the way that your relationships fit in with bigger social patterns and interlocking cycles. Also from December 29, Venus changes signs, starting a new chapter in your relationships. This can bring up the shadow side of relationships—hidden desires, secrets, and psychologies. Jupiter ends its retrograde on December 30 and your philosophies on creativity, friendship, and romance are emphasized as the planet appears to sit still in the sky.

Good luck, Capricorn, see you in December!