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The All Seeing Hand Dissect the New Zealand Home Owner Dream

Strip-mall suburbia has never looked as terrifying than in the trio's new video.

​Before arriving at a debt-fuelled satellite town outside of Wellington, The All Seeing Hand​ hadn't intended on making a video that reflected the desolation of New Zealand's housing crisis. But when faced with the physical manifestation of late-stage neoliberal capitalism eating itself, the problem seemed too real to ignore.

From the initial slow motion shots of strip-mall suburbs and genteel residential life, to the full fledged gore orgy that prevails, the video for "Cro-Magnon Corp" (directed by filmmaker Dan Harris​) truly brings the 'nest egg' metaphor to life, albeit in a very frank, unsettling way.


Paired with the trio's potent combination of turntables, throat singing, and punk ethos drumming, "Cro-Magnon Corp" stands as a charged and nuanced explication from a group concerned with the challenging demands of our socio-political landscape.

"The initial idea of the video was not inherently political," drummer Ben Knight told us over email this week. "But when we went searching for filming locations out in these satellite suburbs around Wellington we were slapped in the face by the desolation of these debt-fuelled investment suburbs spreading terrifyingly quickly at the outskirts of every major city in New Zealand."

"It's a glimpse of the ways people are enticed to wilfully participate in an extractive nightmarish game by spreading fear about the consequences of not getting your foot on the "property ladder" and grabbing your very own nest egg before the basket is empty."

"Cro-Magnon Corp" is the second single from The All Seeing Hands new LP Sand To Glass and can be streamed here​.

The All Seeing Hand NZ Tour 2016:
Nov 11 - Napier at The Cabana
Nov 18 - Palmerston North at The Stomach
Nov 24 - Nelson at Pardox
Nov 26 - Marahau at Tim's Place
Nov 30 - Christchurch at Darkroom 
Dec 2 - Dunedin at Dunedin Musicians Club
Dec 3 - Lyttelton at Lyttelton Coffee Co
Dec 4 - Mapua at The Playhouse
Dec 9 - Raglan at The Yot Club
Dec 16 - Auckland at Whammy
Dec 23 - Wellington at Meow
Dec 24 - Whanganui at WPA Secret HQ