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Dr. Feelbad

"Everybody knows life is just bitches and money."

"Everybody knows life is just bitches and money."- Nikki Six Totally! That’s what EZ Motherfuckin’ E said, but whether it was gangster rap or hair metal, the late 80s/early 90s LA scene was pretty much the best time in the history of music. Like, did you see all those babes with Slash in that hotel room in the Patience video? Jesus dude, he didn’t even care about them cuz he was too busy stroking a fucking boa constrictor with his shirt off! How do you top that? That was the garden of Eden and life will never be as good again. What happened to the Ferraris? Where are the girls? Frank Carlton Serafino Ferrana, AKA Nikki Sixx, spoke to VICE about the only thing he has going on. VICE: Why do you want to kick Metallica’s ass?
Nikki Sixx: Well, we’ve always been a band that kind of snickered at bands’ greed. We’re like, ‘What kind of bullshit is that?’ We’ve always let people – we don’t care who it is – come into our shows and bootleg the shows from beginning to end. That’s one of our favorite things about rock n’ roll – bootlegging. We love it. How badly do you hate them?
 We were really embarrassed by them. But at the same time, we realize that it’s only rock n’ roll, so when we made the cartoon, we were kind of taking a poke at ourselves too. So you’re not concerned about Napster detracting from your album sales at all?
Absolutely not. If anything, it’ll help. We had over 300,000 downloads in one day of our new single, "Hell on High Heels" from And that song was probably sent out to another 300,000 people – so that’s 600,000 people listening to our new single who have a feeling of ownership – they have it on their computer – and they’re gonna go buy the record. I got an MP3 of Tommy Lee’s new stuff but I’m not going to buy the album. Did you ever hear his Methods of Mayhem record? How bad did that suck?
I only heard that one song – "Get Naked" or something? It didn’t blow my skirt up or anything. Nobody bought it. Do you guys still talk with Tommy?
He’s cut off all relations with the band. He wanted to be this rap guy, and we’re rock guys. So I guess we’re not cool. How old is Mick Mars? He already looked like a gargoyle fifteen years ago.

How old is Mick Mars? Let’s see… he’s four years older than me, and I’m 41, so he’s 45. Where did the days go, eh? Remember when you were doing a shitload of blow on a tour bus with Ozzy, and when Ozzy got off the bus, he got down on the floor and snorted a line of ants?

It was a lot of ants. Like over a dozen. Still to this day, it’s an amazing visual. I hope he got high. Drugs rock, but they make you do weird things.