Noisey Got A Bunch Of Illustrators To Redo The Dipset Logo


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Noisey Got A Bunch Of Illustrators To Redo The Dipset Logo

Diehard Diplomats fans, get ready to lose your shit.

Originally posted on Noisey.

Dipset are the best. So obviously I started drawing their logo a while ago because I wanted to make some fake merch for myself. I'd already tried buying Dipset stuff online, and having missed out on the surprisingly not photoshopped pair of #rare Killah Cam socks, I was gutted that everything else I found sucked hot balls. In fact, I was almost more gutted for Cam, Jim, Juelz and Freekey that they're being represented on eBay by the kind of shit you get in Camden market that's normally flanked by felt hoodies and iron-on Warn a Brother T-shirts.


As a fan (read: obsessive – I have three pink fur tracksuits; fight me), I decided it was up to me to help the guys out. The Dipset logo is one of the best rap has ever seen and deserves to be treated with respect and love. So I decided it’d be kind of a big deal to get as many amazing illustrators as I know to do the damn thing and re-draw it so the world can bask in Diplomat glory. The illustrators selected are all highly esteemed geniuses and work in a variety of different ways. From Thomas Slater’s Miami fade to Jon Boam’s big-bird (with funny little feet), Charlotte Mei’s watercolour swoop to Paul Layzel’s hard-line guns, grenades, butts-n-booties, I’m hoping there’s something for every kind of Dipset diehard to enjoy. A big thanks to all the illustrators involved. And Diplomats, if you see this, holla at me. Follow Sam on Twitter: @SptSam