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This Candle Will Apparently Make Your Room Smell Like a New Mac

Apple lovers were so eager to catch a whiff that the first batch has already sold out.
Photo via Twelve South

Do you ever sit around your apartment, breathing in the usual aroma of cat litter and lingering weed smoke, and think, Boy, the only thing that could make my home more pleasant is if it smelled like a freshly unboxed Apple product?

Well, apparently you're not alone, because Apple accessories company Twelve South has just created a soy candle that smells like a brand new Mac.

Housewares are not historically Twelve South's forte. The company usually sells stuff like iPhone wallet cases and a modified sunglasses holder for your Apple Watch to fit around. But Twelve South has a lot of experience opening up new iPads and Macs to test out its accessories on, and apparently it grew so fond of that smell that it decided to craft a candle that mimics the uniquely pungent plastic odor.

According to its website, the hand-poured candle has a mixture of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin, and sage. That doesn't exactly sound like the correct mixture to ape the fragrance of a Mac, but Apple lovers were apparently so eager to catch a whiff that the first run of Twelve South candles has already sold out.

There will be more in stock later this month, though, so don't worry.

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