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Kellie Leitch Forgets to Buy Canadian Domain, Promptly Gets Trolled

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Trolling, when done correctly, can be more beautiful than the greatest painting, and more inspired than the greatest piece of literature. Trolling, at times, can be a masterpiece.

Take the simplicity of for example. When one goes to Kellie Leitch's anti-CBC petition page but uses .ca instead of .com, as most Canadians would, they go to a page that looks identical to Leitch's. But then the magic happens, a red X flashes over the screen twice, the "I have no idea what I'm doing" dog appears and you are redirected to CBC's website. Simple. Elegant. Beautiful. The icing on the cake is the fact the troll didn't even come from the east coast elitists Leitch has built her campaign around but instead the heartland of Canadian Conservatism, Alberta. THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE! Trever Miller, a badass from Lethbridge, set up the website. He told VICE in an email that he is "just your average citizen who is annoyed with clueless politicians trying to dismantle the fabric of Canada." "They put stuff like up and then are too dumb to grab the .ca which makes such hijinks possible. After that it's a matter of retweeting them but modifying the .com to .ca in the tweet and see who clicks on it." "Simple stuff, really." There is something remarkably cathartic about the fact that pro-Canadian values superwoman Kellie Leitch forgot to buy the Canadian domain for her anti-CBC website. Here's a politician who promptly adopted Trump-style politics to thrust herself into the public psyche as the champion of "Canadian values" forgetting to use ".ca" and bowing instead to our ".com" overlords, the domain used by globalist scum. It's not too surprising since Leitch, one of the most elite politicians in the system championing "anti-elitism," is the Canadian political equivalent of that Men In Black scene where Edgar, the alien cockroach, is awkwardly parading around in the skin of a farmer. Of course, she was trolled. That said, Leitch is one of the front runners to claim the Conservative Party of Canada's leadership, which means that the Great White North may very well have Edgar the Bug running its official opposition in short order. Everything is fine folks but, you know, maybe it's time for Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones to make a quick trip north. Follow Mack Lamoureux on Twitter