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This Vancouver-Area Road Rage Video Has a Very Embarrassing Soundtrack

Just a trio of dudes slapping each other to "That's My Girl."
Manisha Krishnan
Toronto, CA
November 21, 2016, 4:25pm

Weak. Screenshot via Global News

It's Monday, it's cold, and there is no shortage of serious news going around about everything that's wrong with the world.

So let's all take a brief respite and gawk at these three jokers who got into a road rage "fist fight" on BC's Lougheed Highway.

Video via Global News

The video, published by Global News, opens with the back of a man in sweatpants marching huffily towards the vehicle in front of him. It's a bit out of focus, but thankfully the song playing in the car of the witness is not and it is a heavily autotuned version of "That's My Girl" by girl group Fifth Harmony. I actually recently saw a very good dance number in a strip club set to "Work From Home," also by Fifth Harmony. It was significantly more badass than this fight.


Anyway, the man reaches two other dudes in the car in front of him and, as the chorus continues to blare "That's my girl" on repeat, he and another guy slap at each other. It's as if they were pandering to the song. Guy Number 2 then takes up a fighting stance as if he's going to throw a punch, but instead kicks out at the man beside him. We can't see if he makes contact because there's a car in the way but based on all the information on hand, I would say he got him just under the knee.

Not a great fighting song. Video via Youtube

A bit more pawing and kicking ensues before the trio make their way back towards a different car (I think it might be Sweatpants') and Sweatpants starts slamming the third guy onto the windshield. Then the other two men gang up on Sweatpants; one of them is holding his hand and trying to push him against the car, but it more or less looks like he's doing a violent square dance move. An angry woman—by far the best fighter of the group—gets out of the car they're smashing into and hits one of the men directly in the face.

Then sadly the clip ends because, according to Global, the "witness stopped filming… to help break up the fight."

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