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The VICE Morning Bulletin

Donald Trump Jr. has been accused of recycling lines for his RNC speech, Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos has been banned from Twitter after harassing actress Leslie Jones, and more.

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US News

Trump Jr. Accused of Recycling Lines for RNC Speech
Donald Trump Jr. has been accused of recycling a column by conservative writer Frank Buckley for his convention speech, after Twitter users noticed the similarities. Buckley explained that he helped write the speech and did not think he copied from his original piece. "Even if I had, I didn't think it would be problem," he said.—NBC News

Roger Ailes Negotiating Exit from Fox News
Roger Ailes, the man credited with building Fox News as a major media force, is in the "advanced stages of discussions" with 21st Century Fox about leaving the network. Ailes was accused of sexual harassment in a lawsuit filed earlier this month by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson.—The New York Times


Police Officer Killed After Car Chase in Kansas City
A police officer in Kansas City, Kansas, was killed after pursuing suspects wanted in a drive-by shooting. The police captain, Robert Melton, age 46, was shot as the suspects bailed from their car. Police said two people are now in custody, and they are not looking for any other suspects.—ABC News

Heat Wave Begins Across South and Central US
Sixteen states have posted heat advisories as a grueling heat wave is expected to begin across the southern and central US today. Around 130 million Americans will endure heat indexes of at least 100 degrees. "This may be one of the worst heat waves in the last few decades," warned the National Weather Service.—USA Today

International News

Turkish Authorities Target 50,000 in Post-Coup Purge
More than 50,000 people in Turkey have now been detained, sacked, or suspended from their jobs in the aftermath of the failed coup. The purge of those deemed disloyal has been widened to include teachers, academics, and journalists. "We will dig them up by their roots," PM Binali Yildirim told the Turkish parliament.—BBC News

France Plans to Join Air Strikes Against ISIS
French defense minister Jean Yves Le Drian is in Washington, DC, as France prepares to work with the US on a coordinated strike against ISIS in Mosul, Iraq. French government spokesman Stephane Le Foll also confirmed French special forces were operating in Libya against Islamist fighters.—Reuters


Gunmen Kill 17 at Military Base in Mali
At least 17 soldiers have been killed and 35 others wounded in an attack on a military base in Nampala in Mali. Armed men overran the base and also set parts of it on fire. Both the Islamist militant group Ansar Dine and a group representing the Fulani ethnic group have claimed responsibility for the attack.—Al Jazeera

North Korea Practices Strikes on South Korean Airfields
North Korea claims to have conducted a ballistic missile test that simulated preemptive strikes against South Korean airfields and ports used by the US military. It is a likely reference to the launches of three ballistic missiles that flew between 310 and 375 miles into the sea off its east coast on Tuesday.—The Wall Street Journal

Everything Else

Leslie Jones's Troll Banned from Twitter
Twitter has permanently banned Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopoulos after he encouraged users to harass Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. "Our rules prohibit inciting or engaging in the targeted abuse of others," Twitter explained.—The Guardian

Rapper Claims Baton Rouge Killer Sent Him a Manifesto
Ohio rapper Yarima Karama claims to have received an emailed "manifesto" from Gavin Long on Sunday, not long before he shot and killed three police officers in Baton Rouge. "It's almost like a suicide letter," Karama said.—Buzzfeed News

'Pokémon Go' Players in Bosnia Warned Off Landmine Fields
Players of Pokémon Go in Bosnia have been warned to avoid fields where they might still be unexploded landmines from the war in the 1990s. A Bosnian demining charity urged players to "respect all signs warning them about mines."—CNN

Canadian Cops Do Not Want Your Anti-Trump Tweets
The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is getting more than its fair share of social media abuse because of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. @RNC_PoliceNL has tried in vain to stop the "mis-mentions."—VICE News

Pokémon-Themed Ecstasy Pills Reportedly Sold in Europe
Pikachu-shaped pills are reportedly being sold in Holland and Germany, as well as on the dark web. They are thought to contain a dangerous mixture of MDMA and 2-CB, a synthetic psychedelic substance.—Thump

Bodega Owners Fear Backlash Over Synthetic-Weed Overdose
Yemeni bodega owners in Brooklyn are worried about being blamed for a recent "bad" batch of synthetic weed that left 33 people hospitalized. Some bodegas in the area allegedly sell K2, but police came up empty handed after raiding five stores.—VICE News