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Cooking with Cash

Is Apple really worth $1 trillion?

Earlier this week, a couple of financial analysts decided that, within two years, Apple’s share price would top $1000, pushing the already behemoth of a company towards a magical market cap of $1 trillion.

Which, despite the ridiculousness of thinking about all those 0s, seems like a fairly reasonable prediction when it comes to the house that Jobs built. I mean, if Instagram and its 12 person staff is worth a billion, why can’t Apple be worth a thousands times that?

iPhones and iPads continue to sell like hotcakes all over the world, especially in China, where sales went from nothing to nearly $2 billion in just two years — and it’s only just begun. More importantly, as a platform, iOS commands power not only in ubiquity but in cultural relevance. Sure, Android puts up solid numbers, but iOS is a system users are quite literally buying into: Android app expenditure pales in comparison to Apple’s beast.

Success on iOS has also become sort of the litmus test for the “next best thing.” Why worry about developing for multiple platforms when you can focus on making your shit simply awesome on just the iPhone — a path taken by the likes of Draw Something, Instagram (finally released last week an Android a year and a half after the original iPhone app), and a flurry of other up and comers that have made me feel less and less “kewl” on my Droid Incredible. If you want to Scramble with friends, better get the 4S, bro.

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