People Told Us About Their Wildest Summer Flings in Six Words

People Told Us About Their Wildest Summer Flings in Six Words

“Señor Frog's bartender in Puerto Vallarta.”
illustrated by Brandon Celi
June 1, 2018, 1:58pm

Summer flings are all about living in the moment, the perfect synthesis of passion and convenience. For many of us, our most memorable summer flings would happen right on the cusp of adulthood; that sweet moment when we could be both carefree and selfish, as this kind of romance was fleeting by design.

There’s something magical about these no strings attached, short-term summer romances. Not only did you get to knock boots for a few weeks or months, but most of the time they’d end as soon as attention turned back towards work or school obligations. They’re like nature’s version of Snapchat.


Whether you met your summer fling at your seasonal job, at the beach, or while knocking around a foreign country on summer break, these carefree dalliances hold a special place in our heart. We asked friends and co-workers to tell us about their wildest summer flings. Here’s what they said.

“Skinny dipping with cousin’s best friend.” - Teresa, 27

“Met her on a dating app.” - Greg, 33

“Eighteen-year-old tour guide Argentina.” - Kat, 24

“Got blowjob while on Birthright trip.” - David, 39

"Sexy, week-long romance in Malta." - Tara, 26

“Kissed cute fellas at church camp.” - Todd, 38

“Vegan roadie who was on tour.” - Lynn, 32

"Fucked a waiter in Spain. Bienvenidos!" - Jared, 25

“Hot lifeguard. Older. Lied to parents.” - Jenna, 30

“Shared house. Two housemates wanted me.” - Ray, 36

"It happened in Greece. Parthenon-committal!" - Tasha, 24

“Had sex in a porn theater.” - Alice, 35

“Señor Frog's bartender in Puerto Vallarta.” - Caitlin, 31

“Got it on behind a dumpster.” - Jill, 32

“Hooked up with fellow camp counselor.” - Marshall, 34

“Secretly dated dad’s friend one summer.” - Laura, 35

“Love triangle. Two hot Spanish guys.” - Kelly, 28

“Met at barbecue, fucked until morning.” - Heather, 33

“A passionate whirlwind romance with pizza.” - Mike, 34

“Kissed friend’s brother while visiting Brazil.” - Rachel, 31

“Miami. Made out with Uber driver.” - Taylor, 37

“Hot kissing session with my intern.” - Julia, 30

“Handsome Dutch guy. Summer of 69!” - Liv, 32


“I’m an actress. Screwed the director.” - Kate, 29

“Made out during group camping trip.” - Wes, 32

“Australian girl in America for month.” - Noah, 36

“Fucked on desk in manager’s office.” - Yvonne, 33

“Sex and drugs with club promoter.” - Bethenny, 32

“We had sex on secluded beach.” - Kim, 34

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