Nue's "Nightfall" Gives a Drowsy Tour Through Toronto's East End

The Scarborough rapper also releases "Deadman" from his forthcoming tape on 300.

Like most big cities, Toronto's rap scene is a constant hub of reinvigoration and creative reinvention, but something about the current wave of rappers from the city feels special.Scarborough's Nue is one of those artists contributing to the scene's visibility outside of Canadian borders. Last year, we included the 22-year-old rapper of Jamaican ancestry in our guide to the city's East End. Since then, he's signed with 300 and today we're premiering two new songs titled "Nightfall" and "Deadman."


The former is a drowsy tune in which Nue uses nasally harmonies reminiscent of "Lollipop"-era Lil Wayne to talk about the activities he gets into when the sun goes down. "This shit to me is like some fable, trap shit, with the melodies and harmonics in the beat," Nue told me in an email conversation. "We were just in the studio turning up and once I heard the beat, the song was done 40 mins later." Nue's energy is much higher on "Deadman," which thumps while he reps the city's East. Both songs will be featured on Nue's forthcoming untitled mixtape which is expected this Spring under 300. Listen to both below.

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