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Nate Husser ‘Geto Rock For The Youth EP’ is a Bad Trip Worth Taking

Husser is like if Vince Staples fronted Pavement.
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Combining surreal lo-fi textures with suffering lyrics about flipping work to get ahead, Montreal's Nate Husser’s flow is gloriously grimy. His latest Geto Rock For The Youth EP traverses through emotions like a drug trip, the kind that fluxes between good and bad, forcing listeners to confront hard truths. Lyrics like “got used to the gun sounds/ and my friend’s guts on the ground” on the song “Catherine” sit with depressing weight over a sludgy acoustic and synth backtrack, while “Paid to Party” celebrates a life of sin. “I used to sell dope/ now I get paid just to party,” Nate Husser raps on the chorus.


“The title [of the EP] kinda says it all,” Nate Husser wrote to Noisey, “ Geto Rock For the Youth is the vibe, it's the sound, the feel, it's the nostalgia. It's for the youth in all us."

Listen to Nate Husser’s Geto Rock For The Youth EP below and check out the video for "Paintings for the Blind":