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Passenger Argument Over Champagne Forces Plane to Make Emergency Landing

TFW you really commit to the sesh.
Image via Flickr user Erik Brouwer.

It’s always frustrating to be refused booze. You’re on a night out, the chat is flowing, you head to the bar for another Jägerbomb when in comes the fun police (barman) to ruin your night. Sure, you’re not wearing the same top you left in, and you’re pretty certain you just fell asleep under a bar stool for 25 minutes, but where’s the harm in just one more bev?

While most of us become only mildly annoyed when refused a drink, one woman took things to the extreme and forced a plane to make an emergency landing—all because she couldn’t get more Champagne.


According to German news website Stuttgarter Zeitung, a flight from Moscow to Zurich had to be grounded when one business class passenger became incensed at plane staff who refused to serve her more bubbly. The woman, who was already quite boozed at this point, became aggressive and started pacing up and down the aisles of the plane. Despite the pilot getting involved, the woman’s behaviour escalated and she grabbed the wrist of one of the flight attendants.

As a result of her behaviour, the pilot felt forced to make an emergency landing at Stuttgart Airport in Germany and the woman was fined 5,000 Euros. Despite all this, she still asked to get back on the plane. (God loves a trier.) Unsurprisingly, her request was refused, leaving passengers 45 minutes late but with slightly less airborne drama.

Keeping in good spirits in the face of thousands of lost Euros, Stuttgart Airport tweeted a handy Champagne guide for passengers, with the caption "Stösschen!" ("Cheers!") Just in case the desire for the drink becomes unmanageable.

At least someone saw the funny side.