PJ Harvey's Cover of "An Acre of Land" Is Very Haunting and Very English

The eerie song scores a new trailer for the UK drama-thriller 'Dark River.'
December 5, 2017, 4:02pm

PJ Harvey has played the role of "shadowy presence lurking in the back of your mind" for about a decade now, ever since White Chalk reinvented her badass guitar-slinger persona as an equally badass goth-folk historian. Her music would make sense accompanying some scary, intense shit that's going down on a farm and behold, that exact thing has finally happened. A new trailer for the upcoming UK drama film Dark River features Harvey's cover of the old English folk standard "An Acre of Land" / "Sing Ivy" that she did for its soundtrack. This is the first time we've heard her version, and it's as wonderfully eerie and earthy as you'd expect.


The main question, I think, is this: will Sean Bean's character in this film end up tragically dying as has happened to many of his best-known roles in the past? He might, but we'll have to find out when Dark River comes out in theatres February 23. In the meantime, listen to Harvey's take on "An Acre of Land" above (it scores the entire trailer).