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Mahershala Ali Says Bill Murray Did a Very Bill Murray Thing at the Golden Globes

He crashed an interview and poured vodka all over Ali's head.
Bill Murray and Mahershala Ali
Screenshot via the Hollywood Reporter

Bill Murray is basically a mythical figure at this point. The guy just floats through life pulling pranks like some kind of pop culture satyr, randomly swooping in to steal french fries off strangers' plates or crash a bachelor party or pose for some engagement photos before disappearing off to wherever it is Bill Murray comes from. He pulls so much of this shit that there's even a whole movie about it. And it sounds like last weekend, Green Book star Mahershala Ali became his latest target.


After the Golden Globes on Sunday, Mahershala Ali was celebrating his new film's surprising trio of wins backstage at the Beverly Hills Hotel with his castmates when, like some kind of aging sprite in a bow tie, Bill Murray crashed the party.

And then, according to Ali, Murray, uh, proceeded to douse him in vodka for some reason.

"Bill was toasting us," the actor explained to Ellen DeGeneres during an appearance on her show Tuesday. "Bill toasted his glass on Viggo’s head, Linda’s head, and then toasts on my head, and vodka spills all over my face and is running down into my eyes and in my mouth."

Ali was in the middle of a Hollywood Reporter interview at the time, which he had to finish "with an eye closed" to avoid any more vodka burning his eyeballs. "It felt like hot acid rolling down my face," he told DeGeneres.

Getting vodka dumped on your face while you're trying to talk to the press about an award you just won doesn't sound particularly fun, especially for someone like Ali, who doesn't even drink. But even Ali couldn't get too fired up about it.

"Hey, it’s Bill Murray," he told DeGeneres.

Ali is already getting advance praise for his role in the long-awaited third season of True Detective that drops later this month, and he could very well land himself an Oscar for Green Book, but apparently no one is safe from Bill Murray, no matter how unbelievably famous you are. Watch out, Timothée.

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