Ride-or-Die Chicks: Photos from an All-Girl Motorcycle Ride
All photos by Lanakila MacNaughton.


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Ride-or-Die Chicks: Photos from an All-Girl Motorcycle Ride

At The Dream Roll, a women-only motorcycle event, 280 biker chicks from around the globe spent the weekend riding, hot-boxing their tents, and having topless dance parties under the stars.

You could hear them coming before they were seen, the smell of exhaust mixing with the scent of recent forest fires as they arrived: A gang of women on motorcycles, wearing leather and denim, racing through the ponderosa pine-lined roads of southern Washington.

Held August 28th to 30th, The Dream Roll is a women's only motorcycle event in the Pacific Northwest. Friends Becky Goebel and Lanakila MacNaughton created the event event to unite women from all riding backgrounds, allowing everyone to meet up and have a weekend of adventure in the woods.This year, over 280 women trekked from around the country, with some traveling as far as Australia to attend.


Energy was high as riders arrived on Friday. Harleys, Triumphs, dirt bikes, choppers, baggers, and every kind of bike in between scattered across the field at the base of Mt. Adams, which is known for its UFO activity, which boded well for the general vibes. Base camp was set up with a full sized teepee, a bar with free beer, and two igloo-like domes—one full of hammocks to chill in, the other distributing free samples of weed ice cream (because it's legal in Washington!). As the stars came out, tops came off for a who-the-fuck-cares-we're-all-girls dance party. Saturday gave way to quintessential Pacific Northwest rain, as riders broke into smaller groups to explore the incredible scenic riding and many nearby waterfalls. The teepee was hot-boxed, bands played, and friendships were made. Packing up on Sunday was thick with the mood of never wanting to leave.

In a sport where women are routinely overlooked, it is a dream of many to be surrounded by like-minded women riders. The Dream Roll isn't just a celebration—it's a testament to the fact that the emerging community of women riders is flourishing.

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