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Hear Unreleased Flatliners and Dirty Nil Songs on the Dine Alone Tour Comp

A B-side from the Richmond Hill punks' new album and a riotous Big Star cover from the Hamilton young bucks.

The Dine Alone Records summer tour kicks off tomorrow in Hamilton, bringing together a triad of Canadian rock 'n' roll boys in the name of good times and guitars. Accordingly, Dine Alone have released a compilation album that collects previously-released songs from the Flatliners, Sam Coffey & the Iron Lungs, and the Dirty Nil. Included are two never-before-heard tracks from two of the bands. The Flatliners come through with the storming, aching B-side "Moves Too Quickly" while the Dirty Nil take on Big Star's "Mod Lang," off their 1974 classic Radio City, and give it some truly beer-soaked intensity.


"It was a tough call leaving "Moves Too Quickly" off of Inviting Light, mostly because we've never really written a song like it before," the Flatliners' Chris Creswell told Noisey. "With this one, we really got to flex a new muscle, in a way. The song touches on that regretful feeling evoked when all of one's hard work goes unnoticed or unappreciated. Just lost in what can be the overwhelming hustle of living in our modern world as a young adult, trying to get by… Our world today really does move too quickly at times."

When asked about the Big Star cover, Dirty Nil screamer Luke Bentham said, "Desecration is the highest form of adulation. And goddamn do we love Big Star." Listen to the entire Dine Alone tour compilation, including both unreleased songs, below.

Tour Dates
May 25 - Hamilton, ON - Club Absinthe (tickets)
May 26 - London, ON - Rum Runners (tickets)
May 27 - Howell, MI - Bled Fest
May 28 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock Social Club (tickets)
May 31 - Regina, SK - The Exchange (tickets)
June 1 - Calgary, AB - Nite Owl (tickets)
June 2 - Kelowna, BC - Habitat (tickets)
June 3 - Vancouver, BC - Venue Nightclub (tickets)
June 4 - Whistler, BC - Garfinkel's (tickets)
June 7 - Edmonton, AB - Needle Vinyl Tavern (tickets)
June 8 - Saskatoon, SK - Amigos Cantina (tickets)
June 9 - Winnipeg, MB - Park Theatre (tickets)
June 10 - Thunder Bay, ON - Crocks (tickets)
June 12 - Timmins, ON - The Working Class (tickets)
June 14 - Ottawa, ON - Babylon (tickets)
June 15 - Waterloo, ON - Maxwell's (tickets)
June 16 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace (tickets)
June 17 - Toronto, ON - Lee's Palace

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