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We Asked Men If They Think Rompers Are Fun, Flirty, And Practical

"Sign me up." – Chris, who was in a frat in college.
Photos courtesy of Aced Design

There are many uncornered markets for simple things that don't yet exist: earbuds that don't fray in a week, sunglasses that don't get scratched or lost, pants that don't chafe. In light of these much-needed products that would greatly improve society, some people in the universe have decided that we need a romper designed for men.

Founded by four bros who met at Northwestern University business school, Evanston-based company Aced Design has disrupted the female-dominated romper market with the RompHim. It consists of a collarless shirt connected to shorts with an adjustable waist, and comes in pink chambray, blue chambray, splatter-print, and a special-edition patriotic print for the Fourth of July.


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"[RompHim] came primarily from a frustration due to a lack of mens' clothing options that are comfortable, versatile, and stylish, along with an appreciation for how the romper offers those elements for many women," Aced Design told Broadly before disclosing that they do indeed have friends that are women. "[While] talking to our female friends, including one of our co-founders, Elaine, it became clear that a romper is worn on a very wide variety of occasions… And it felt like an outfit that allows people to express themselves without needing to go as avant-garde as some runway looks."

In a feat of design genius, Aced Design has introduced zippers to their rompers, sparing men the uncomfortable moment of being stuck in a filthy public bathroom, getting completely naked in order to pee and wondering exactly where in life things went wrong. On the RompHim's Kickstarter page, you can experience all your collegiate nightmares wrapped up into one neat promotional video introducing this summer's new, must-have wardrobe staple.

Since launching their Kickstarter campaign Monday, RompHim has raised over $45,000 dollars, surpassing their $10,000 goal.

"We knew the product was something we would wear, and we had gotten positive initial feedback from a wide range of people who tested it out, but we really didn't foresee it being so popular on Day One," Aced Design said. "At the risk of sounding obvious, we think that there is a lot of passion and opinion around the idea of whether of men could, would, and should wear rompers."

To answer Aced Design's questions, I decided to ask real life men for their opinions on the RompHim. When I showed the Kickstarter to my three young male neighbors, they were all visibly excited. Joe, who was in a frat in college, loudly said, "Look at these dudes, they're killing it," in reference to their short shorts, boat shoes, and overall frat-exuberance.

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Zach, who was not in a frat during college, didn't seem to fully understand what a romper is, asking if the original creators of rompers were making the RompHim. "Yeah, maybe inquire if it's made by the same people who make blue denim," Chris, who was in a frat in college, said before adding that he thinks the RompHim is going to be a hit. "Sign me up," he said, eager to invest in the now fully-funded project.

For Paul, a 20-year-old college student, the RompHim wasn't as big of a hit. "That looks like what the dudes who would bully me in high school would wear," he said. "Actually, I wish the bullies in high school were wearing that, they look so stupid."