The Best Friends of New Zealand Cosplay, in Photos
Photos by Kina Sai


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The Best Friends of New Zealand Cosplay, in Photos

Just some costumed chums, side-by-side at the National Finals.

New Zealand's Cosplay Championships took place at the Armageddon Sci-fi Convention in Auckland. An abbreviation of "Costume Play", the garb generally consist of human/oid animated characters people have constructed, built and sewn themselves. It's intense and surreal. Girls are everywhere, dressed as their favourite animated characters. There are men too, but women outnumber them about 4-1. Countless pairs of best friends walk around in wigs, makeup, fabric, silicone and contact lenses. They are all happy to be photographed and have their poses ready. Some non-Cosplaying best friends went along to support their friends' hobby – they must have felt so foreign, but they came anyway.