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If Your Town Has a Goofy Sex Name, You're Getting Free Pornhub Premium

Do you live in Fucking, Horneytown, or Balls Creek? You're in luck!
Screenshot via Pornhub

Pornhub has always looked out for its porn-loving fans. Over the past few years, the streaming site has made sex education sites to teach folks about their junk and sex exercise routines to help people fuck their way to fitness, and released a series of audio porn for the visually impaired. It even has a college scholarship to help students go balls deep into higher education, if they so desire.

Now, Pornhub has launched an all-new initiative aimed at helping out another subset of their fans: the people who unfortunately live in towns with sexual-sounding names.


The project, called Pornhub Premium Places, will give residents in towns like Fort Dick, California; Cumbum, India; and Fucking, Austria, a reason to finally be proud of their addresses—by supplying them with free access to Pornhub Premium.

"It's no secret that many people all over the world enjoy watching porn and are familiar with its vocabulary," Pornhub writes on its site to announce the Premium Places initiative. "So why all the fuss over places with names like Fucking, Rectum, or Dildo? To make up for years of mockery, Pornhub has decided to name these special parts of the world as #PremiumPlaces and give them the best thing we have to offer: free access to our amazing Pornhub Premium content."

The offer is good worldwide, from the Canadian town of Climax to Blowhard, Australia, but there are ten cities in the US that qualify:

  • Fort Dick, California
  • Hooker, Oklahoma
  • Bohners Lake, Wisconsin
  • Climax, Michigan
  • French Lick, Indiana
  • Big Bone, Kentucky
  • Horneytown, North Carolina
  • Cumming, Georgia
  • Big Beaver, Pennsylvania
  • Threeway, Virginia

If you currently live in Big Bone and want to take advantage of the new deal, just head over to the Pornhub website and claim your free premium account. If you live in a city that sounds like the nickname for a dick or whatever but don't see it on the list yet, worry not—just share it online with the hashtag #PremiumPlaces for consideration.

Sure, the whole thing is a pretty blatant PR scheme, but at least it's one that will benefit all the fine citizens of Condom, France, who want to get their nuts, free of charge. So there's that.

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