Nocando's "True Autumn" Is An Impassioned Stream of Consciousness

The LA rapper releases the first track from his forthcoming EP.
April 20, 2018, 7:37pm
Photo: Beatriz Moreno 

LA rapper Nocando has been no stranger to bearing it all in his music for the better part of this decade. In relentless fashion, he's chimed in on everything from police brutality in the black community, to having family members caught up in the legal system, to the ills of drug addiction. He's also been on somewhat of a tear over the past year, releasing three projects in that span of time. In February, he released M.O.T.H., a collection of woozy, trap-inspired tracks about romance and his emo past.


Today, we're premiering the first track from Nocando's forthcoming EP, which will be released through his Hellfyre Club imprint and fully produced by Ducko Mcfli. The song, "True Autumn," finds Nocando spilling out about seemingly anything that came to his mind. At one point, he talks about an incarcerated cousin who has dreams of running marathons and curing cancer, but can't seem to get a consistent date for his release.

"There wasn’t too much thought I just started writing," Nocando said. "This song was just kind of like vomiting. I wish I was trying convey something other than getting something out of my head and off my chest." Listen to "True Autumn" below.

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