Zach Zoya's Pedal-to-the-Metal Speed-Rap Will Have You Asking "Who Dat"

The Montreal MC uses his words as literal weapons as he goes on Marvel-esque adventures in his new video.
March 21, 2018, 5:23pm

Zach Zoya is a rapper from Montreal who manages to combine technical skill with songs that are actually enjoyable to listen to. His latest single, "Who Dat," is a great introduction, riding a buoyant beat as Zoya describes himself as having "hair in the air like Bart." The accompanying video takes that unreal angle and propels it to the heavens and beyond. Directed by Vincent Ruel-Coté, the clip follows Zoya and company as they wield rapiers, become polygonal models of themselves, and learn how to shoot beams from their hands. It's every comic book story you've ever loved in one rap video.


"The video is meant to reflect the energy of the song, not really in a story format but more of a demonstrative one," Zoya tells Noisey. "I wanted it to feel like a fashion photoshoot on drugs. I wanted it to feel epileptic, jumpy and all over the place. I got all my squad in there with me too, everybody in the video, with a few exceptions, are close friends. So it's kinda like 'yo watch out there's a new kid in town.'" Watch the "Who Dat" video above.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey CA.