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DJ Agile and Desiire Whip Up a Warm Winter Wave with "High Off"

Two Torontonians join forces to combat the city's natural chilliness.

A great joke in Bojack Horseman was the bit about the "Halloween in January" store that Aaron Paul's character tries to get off the ground and that Andrew Garfield subsequently gets killed by (it's a good show, okay). Toronto journeyman DJ Agile's new single "High Off" taps into that same seasonal dissonance, though in a much smoother fashion.

Featuring crisp vocals from fellow Torontonian Desiire (no relation to Desiigner), the song percolates pleasantly, finding a happy medium between house and dancehall rhythms. It's a welcome reprieve from the extreme cold currently bombarding the artists' hometown. The only antidote to polar vortexes is good electro-R&B. Listen to "High Off" above.