Drake Spent £1,500 on Domino’s and £600 on Nando’s During His UK Tour

It took three cars and ten members of staff to deliver the rapper’s pizza order after a recent performance in Manchester.
February 15, 2017, 1:27pm
Photo via Flickr user musicisentropy

Your recycling bin might be crammed with accusatory Domino's boxes (well, it would be rude to miss a Two for Tuesday) and that "hot Valentine's date" you had last night was actually more of a brief encounter with the delivery guy, but don't feel too down about your low-key Meat Feast habit.

As ever, Drake is here and he understands. Even the greatest among us need pizzas they can't remember ordering with stuffed crusts they won't forget.

The Grammy award-winning singer, who is currently on tour in the UK, reportedly spent £1,500 on Domino's pizza after a performance at Manchester Arena last Saturday night. The order was so huge that it had to be delivered to the hotel where Drake and his entourage were staying in three cars, and took ten members of staff to carry up to the room.

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And, as if we needed another reason to affirm "What Would Drake Do?" as our life mantra, the Yorkshire Evening Post reported last week that Drake has also been enjoying some "cheeky" Nando's during his UK visit. After a recent gig in Leeds, he put in an order at the restaurant chain to the tune of £534.55. A Nando's member of staff told the newspaper that chicken wings (no hotter than medium on the PERi spice-o-meter, apparently) and garlic bread were included in the order.

Know yourself, know your worth in takeout chicken.