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Three For Three: Shouse Return With Yet Another Banging House Single

The Melbourne duo have enlisted singer Rachel for their most 90s-era club-ready effort yet, "Without You."
Photos by Pat Casten

Alright, let's all just agree: 90s-era house was fucking wonderful, and it's back. We're all adults here. We can admit it. EDM is breathing its last, desperate breaths—even Calvin Harris has ditched it—and we appear to be going back to basics. And so now we can finally admit that it isn't big wind ups and huge drops that we need. What we need is to listen to a house track and feel like we could look up at any moment and find ourselves in a New York super club, surrounded by drag queens and confetti cannons and, ideally, Mariah Carey and friends occupying a VIP booth.


And that's where Shouse—Ed Service and Jack Madin—come in. It's been a solid year and a bit with the Melbourne-based house duo, from "Support Structure" to "Whisper", each track featuring one of the two halves of Habits. Today on Thump, we premiere the third single, featuring Rachel, "Without You," out on Smooch Records. Listen below and pre-order the track here.

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