Bow Down to the New Kanye West and Mary J. Blige Jam "Love Yourself"

The track, off of Blige's forthcoming 'The Strength of a Woman,' comes a day after she revealed new details about the album's release date and collaborations.
March 31, 2017, 12:18am

It's going to be hard to top April as the best month of new music in 2017. We just got Kendrick's bonkers new video for "Humble," and now Mary J. Blige and Kanye dropped the new track "Love Yourself."

The song comes just a day after Blige tweeted out details about her follow-up album to 2014's The London SessionsStrength of a Woman will be out April 28 on Capitol and features Kanye West, Kaytranada, Missy Elliott, Migos' Quavo, DJ Khaled, and Prince Charlez. She also shared its tracklist.


"Love Yourself" is all swagger and horns, with Blige returning to the big R&B pop sound she shed for her 2014 dance album. And, of course, whom better to invite to speak on the song's subject than Kanye?

Listen to "Love Yourself" and read on for more details about Strength of a Woman below.

Strength of a Woman:

01 Love Yourself [ft. Kanye West]
02 Thick of It
03 Set Me Free
04 It's Me
05 Glow Up [ft. Quavo, DJ Khaled, & Missy Elliott]
06 U + Me (Lesson Learned)
07 Indestructible
08 Thank Your
09 Survivor
10 Find the Love
11 Smile [ft. Prince Charlez]
12 Telling the Truth [ft. Kaytranada]
13 Strength of a Woman
14 Hello Father