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Musical Artist Duo Draws Between the Treble Clefs in These Charming Illustrations

Lena Erlich and Alexey Liapunov construct dashing landscapes among the empty lines of music sheets.
Walk. All images courtesy the artists

Men, women, and all their colorful accoutrements dance, swim, lounge, and go about their daily routines between the five lines of a music staff. With an eye for the whimsical, Russian artists, Lena Erlich and Alexey Liapunov, make up People Too. They take their love for creating and make it into something magical with just fractions of an inch.

The double-tiered structures create for an inspired and organized platform for illustration. Using fine-tipped pens within the free, condensed space, the artist pair draw dynamic, real-life landscapes aside the sonic landscape of a musical composition.


When brainstorming to use music sheets for their medium—Erlich admits the entire endeavor was far from premeditated. She says, “It may seem strange, but there is not any special stories about it. Once I had to practice drawing small figures, and an old book with notes [inside] came to [my] hand. I drew a small cat, then a few little people. Then I saw [when] the notes are part of the picture it is only necessary to turn them into lamps, benches, trees, etc. I continued to draw, and couldn't stop.”

Together, the pair continually add more of their artwork to People Too's Behance, as well as curate their own original merchandise on their Society6 page.

Walk, detail

Walk, detail

Walk, detail

Walk, detail

On Notes

Summer 2016

To see more work from Erlich and Liapurnov, visit their artist website, People Too, here.


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