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Watch a Pageantry of Crystals in the Video for Lichens' Christina Vantzou Remix

Lichens' Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe's "Plateau" remixes Vantzou's "Valley Drone" from her remix EP '3.5'.
Photos courtesy of Lowe's Twitter / Kranky Records

To coincide with her latest and great new album No 3, subliminal drone artist Christina Vantzou recently released an excellent remix record 3.5, asking several musicians in the ambient community to contribute reinterpretations of her work, among them Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe (aka Lichens). Now the two have shared a video of Lowe's piece, and it's nothing short of divine.

For "Plateau," Lowe's chosen remix title for Vantzou's "Drone Valley," gemstones holographically float about and are paged through, as if one were stationed inside of a visual crystal sound bath. The elemental connection between Vantzou's airier original and the Lowe's terrestrial reinterpretation brings to mind celestial bodies, of gas planets and the rumored diamond cores within them. Watch the video below.

Listen to Vantzou's 3.5 here, and head to Kranky Records's website to purchase No 3.