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Need to Get Some Work Done? Listen to Dance Music

Listening to dance music increases performance times and provides an overall higher rate of accuracy.
Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Want better focus and concentration while you're working? Mindlab International, a neuromarketing and market research company, thinks dance music is the best tool. The company gave 26 participants different tasks such as data entry, spell-checking and mathematical equations for five consecutive days. The participants completed the tasks while listening to four different genres of music (classical, pop, ambient, dance). According to the study, participants who listened to dance music demonstrated faster performances and a higher rate of overall accuracy.


More important than the genre of music is the act of listening to music, period. When participants listened to no music at all, they were more likely to make mistakes. Dr. David Lewis, a neuropsychologist and chairman of Mindlab International, reiterated this point when he said, "The take-home message is that music is a very powerful management tool if you want to increase not only the efficiency of your workforce but also their mental state, their emotional state – they're going to become more positive about the work."

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