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Zedd's Overcrowded Show Leaves Toronto Fans Angrier than Usual

Toronto goes "back to back" with bad bookings.
Courtesy of Zedd's Facebook

"Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Not again."

The lyrics of Drake's ferocious Meek Mill diss are now haunting Toronto's dance music community as the city goes "Back To Back" with bad bookings. Zedd's recent appearance at the Ricoh Colisseum as part of his True Colors Tour with Dillon Francis and Alex Metric turned into a fiasco due to capacity issues at the venue. Security began denying concertgoers entrance to the main floor, resulting in groups of scantily clad people milling around listlessly in the concession area or crammed into lines, waiting and hoping to get to the dancefloor.


Coincidentally, Ian McAdam, one of the people involved in our recently launched documentary, All Access, which explores how disabled people are able to experience dance music, was having struggles of his own. He tells THUMP that despite speaking with event staff before the date of the show and being assured he would be able to access the main floor, he was still turned away.

Only after contacting Zedd's management through Twitter did he get in to see the show at 11:45 PM—the show ended about thirty minutes later.

Just learned the venue isn't wheelchair accessible. — Ian McAdam (@BarsnBolts)October 25, 2015

Both Zedd and the event's promoter Embrace Presents made statements through social media addressing the situation:

TORONTO, about to go on!!! Sorry for the delay…. Trust me - I'm as frustrated as you are about the security / capacity issue!!!

— Zedd (@Zedd)October 25, 2015

Zedd's show marks the second time in two weeks that a major concert has been disrupted by by ridiculous logistical problems. Disclosure's show on October 17, also put on by Embrace Presents, was marred by a goddamn coat check apocalypse, resulting in numerous thefts after the coat check area was stormed by a mob of patrons in the wee hours of the morning.

Tune in next week and see how Toronto's dance music community deals with their next wacky adventure.