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Get Ready to Bliss out into Infinity with This Exclusive Moonboots Mix | US | Translation

Check out an hour of balearic brilliance from the Aficionado Recordings boss.

Ever since we decided to devote our lives to the balearic cause we've been huge fans of Moonboots. His Aficionado Recordings imprint is a byword for quality and he's been a pivotal part of the UK Balearic scene for years now, proving that even in rain-sodden Manchester there's a part of us still able to transmit ourselves to the sun-soaked villas of the imagination.

Later this month Moonboots is dropping the forth instalment of the Music for Dreams best-of compilations, hot on the heels of label boss Kenneth Bager's entry in the series. Just in time for the balearic fan in your family, obviously.


Ahead of the release of the compilation, we had a little chat with Moonboots and asked him to put together an hour of so or blissed out, sun-soaked rollers for us as well. Read that and stream the absolutely gorgeous guest mix below:

*THUMP: Can you tell us a little bit about your working relationship with Kenneth and the label?*
Moonboots: It's more than just a working relationship I have with Kenneth. He's also a really good friend and someone who has great taste and passion for all forms of music. He's also worked as a great sounding board for my own label, Aficionado Recordings. With the comp for MFD, it was a joy going through some of the more forgotten tracks on the label. Kenny was also incredibly patient with me over the amount of time I took to complete the comp, God bless him.

Is it more important than ever that in a world of endless online mixes, labels still put out compilations like Music for Dreams best of Vol. 4?
The simple answer is yes. MFD have continually released a constant stream of quality releases over the last few years. The best way to hear most of these is therefore by picking up one of the many top quality compilations they release both digitally and on CD as well as vinyl. Nothing against online mixes of course, but they're more of an promo asset for new releases

Obvious one, but what's the perfect listening environment for your THUMP mix?
Doing the ironing on a Sunday morning, high on life and as light as a feather.

Moonboots' Music For Dreams, 'Best Of' Volume 4 is released by Music For Dreams on download and stream on Friday the 18th December 2015.

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