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Lara Rix-Martin Launches Label Focused on Female and Non-Binary Artists

Brighton-based experimental producer Eva Bowan is one of the first signees.
Eva Bowan, one of the signees to Objects Limited. Photo courtesy of label

Lara Rix-Martin, one half of the electronic duo Heterotic, has launched Objects Limited, a new label focusing on releases from female-identifying and non-binary artists. The announcement from the UK-based musician comes as more artists and promoters are increasingly working towards addressing electronic music's gender imbalance, which still continues to be an issue.

Despite the label's focus, Rix-Martin told Resident Advisor that listeners should expect a "fairly eclectic range of artists from the sphere of electronic music."

Since the announcement, Rix-Martin addressed the new venture (and potential haters) on Twitter, writing: "bring it on, I average 4 hours of sleep each night and rage is my preset."

Ready for the h9ers 'but its sexist to just have giiirlllsss' bring it on, I average 4 hours of sleep each night and rage is my preset.

— Lara Heterotic (@rixtin)April 14, 2016

Up first? Ringwoodite, the new EP from Brighton-based artist Eva Bowan, which is scheduled to debut on May 5. "For me Ringwoodite represents everything I have deep inside of me, all the stuff under the surface—suppressed thoughts, fears and emotions," Bowan said about her EP on Bandcamp, where the label's releases will remain for the time being.

In addition to the label, Rix-Martin said that Objects Limited will also encompass an event series. The first event, scheduled for May 26 at New River Studios in London, will feature performances from Bowan, Errorbeauty, Spacer Woman and Lux e Tenebris, Rix-Martin's alias.