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Fabric's Elderly Ravers Have Sent the Club a Thank You Letter From Poland

Turns out it wasn't a massive PR stunt after all!
Photo via Jacob Husley on Facebook.

This article was originally published on THUMP UK.

Finally offering some closure on the eternal "who are the elderly couple that turned up at fabric that time" debate, the couple have written the club a thank you letter. If you don't remember this story, then the basics are as follows: a pair of pensioners, holidaying in London from their native Poland, decided to stop by fabric having heard it was the best nightclub in London. They spent their entire night there, hung out with resident WetYourself! DJ Jacob Husley, and even made it onto the dancefloor. Then, when Husley uploaded a photo and an account of their evening onto Facebook, the story spread like wildfire. Seriously, I'm pretty sure the Financial Times ran a "10 Reasons Fabric's Elderly Ravers Give Us Life" piece.

That said, for every blessing the story brought with it, there were another five unanswered questions. Many cynics even went as far as to claim that possibly the entire thing was an elaborate PR stunt, a hoax cooked up by the WetYourself! crew in order to flog tickets. Well, we now have concrete evidence that the pair were completely genuine.

The letter starts with a "thank you for [the] warm and cordial welcoming in Fabric London night club" before going on to add, "we had a wonderful time dancing with young Londoners who also welcomed us very warmly, they took some photos with us dancing." The letter, written by the husband, doesn't only thank the club; "One of the fans gave me a present, a cup with a caption 'Handsome Hustler'. Here, I'd like to thank a young 27 year old girl. She was very nice and kind, she took care of us since we entered the club until she left at 3 a.m. saying goodbye." Finally the husband concludes, "Fabric is the best club in London. There are no such words to describe the atmosphere and the great fun."

Addressing concerns the whole thing was a set-up, the letter finishes by saying: "Some commentators of the article 'Elderly Polish couple buy Fabric club night tickets online… and rave until 5 am' in the Internet can't believe our story and claim it is PR stunt or that it was set up. They are all wrong. Mr Hansen didn't know us and our home place, in fact he didn't know it until now. We have never been to London before, so no one could spoke with us. I don't speak English, I only know some basic expressions."

Oh, and it's worth noting that amongst all the uplifting thanks there's also some constructive criticism. On the subject of the music, the letter's author says: "Personally, I'm not a big fan of techno but I am a fan of electronic dance music which Fabric used to play. I'd recommend to Mr Hansen to play this kind of music once a week or three times a month, it's worth trying."