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​Soulwax Formed 16 Different (Fictional) Bands for the 'Belgica' Soundtrack

Belgium's most legendary dance act doesn't do things the easy way.
Photo courtesy Soulwax.

Belgian dance legends Soulwax have made a career out of subverting expectations. The group started off as a dance-rock band in 2004, but core members David and Stephen Dewaele, were instrumental in setting the proto-EDM, electro aesthetic with their "As Heard on Radio Soulwax" mixes, and then took off as DJs under the name 2manydjs.

Although they haven't released an LP as a band since 2005's Nite Versions, rumors have recently begun to swirl about their reemergence, a notion that is supported by the announcement of their current project, a sprawling, ambit


ious endeavor that will see Soulwax score and soundtrack the upcoming film Belgica, made by Oscar-nominated director Felix Van Groeningen.

For the film, the Dewaele brothers conceptualized, formed, and recorded as sixteen different fictional bands, all with totally different backstories and aesthetics. Some of the names include The Shitz, White Virgins, Diploma, and Aquazul.

A clip from the movie has been released in which The Shitz perform the track "How Long." The tune carries a strong resemblance to the Soulwax of the early 2000s, and is a mouthwatering taste of what else is lurking on the soundtrack, which will be released on Play It Again Sam on February 26. Check out the track list, featuring all of the bands they created, below.

Belgica Soundtrack track list:

1. Charlotte – "The Best Thing"
2. The Shitz – "How Long" 3. Rubber Band – "Caoutchouc"
4. White Virgins – "Turn Off The Lights"
5. Light Bulb Matrix – "Hot December"
6. Kursat 9000 – "Cölde Kutup Ayisi"
7. Erasmus – "Ti Ricordi Di Me"
8. Burning Phlegm – "Nothing"
9. Aquazul – "Slippy Fingers"
10. Roland McBeth – "Don"t Wait Up For Me"
11. Diploma – "Got Any Chris Rea?"
12. They Live – "The Cookie Crumbles"
13. Danyel Galaxy – "Cybernetic Permutations In The Key Of A"
14. The Shitz – "Sell It With Your Face"
15. Robert Vanderwiel – "Nine Thousand Eyes"
16. Noah"s Dark – "Inward"