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These Memes from the Middle Ages Perfectly Describe Contemporary Club Culture

A Twitter account called Medieval Reactions uses centuries-old paintings to describe things like...toilet selfies.
November 18, 2015, 9:30pm

Sometimes, the past is the perfect way to describe the present. Medieval Reactions, a Twitter humor account that appears to be connected to a 19-year-old from Manchester named Cathal Berragan, uses paintings from the annals of art history to describe something near and dear to our hearts: the internet-driven, Drake-obsessed, left-swiping mindfuck that is millennial culture. Below are our top ten club culture-themed picks from the account, which include intelligent insights into some of the finer things in nightlife, like toilet selfies and the B.O-riddled dude grinding up on your behind. Dear that dude: please stop.


When the doorman says the clubs full so you try and flash some titty — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)2. Oktober 2015

Has this ever actually happened? Reading through some of the responses to the tweet, the answers appears to be a resounding "Yes." Some people also thought a boob was slang for a dolphin? Confused.

When you fart at the club — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)22. September 2015

We've all been there. You're deep in the club and everything smells gloriously of alcohol, sweat, and smoke. But then, amidst it all, you're riddled with an odor that surpasses all the others by far. No, we're not making that face because of the bass drop…

When you walk into the club but it's a sausage fest — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)24. Oktober 2015

When you're a woman in the club, sometimes you have to ask yourself: what the hell is going on with men these days? Do they all have to act like hormone-driven, mid-pubescent teenagers? Usually at that point, you're asking yourself this because…there are fucking dudes everywhere you look.

When you come out the club and see that Mcdonalds sign in the distance — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)3. April 2015

You come out of the club and see the iconic, illuminated "M" from down the block. It's evil, but temping. You're also drunk and hungry. Maybe you're just a drunken idiot returning home from battle like a lucky soldier in a gruesome war movie. Just keep walking, man.


when the squad are turnt and bump into another squad on a night out — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)9. Juni 2015

TFW when everyone at the club goes shopping at the same trippy-ass thrift store.

Hoes be taking selfies in the club toilets like — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)20. Oktober 2015

No, you don't look good. Ok, maybe you do look good. Just stop. Please.

when you grindin' in the club and the lights come on — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)2. Juli 2015

When the lights are down low, everyone looks like Beyoncé.

When your ex walks into the club — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)22. März 2015

Who would you rather run into in the club—your mom, or your ex? Think about it.

when you hungover af and just lie on your bed contemplating your whole life — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)15. Juni 2015

Tomorrow's another day.

Girls doing their makeup for Halloween nights out like — Medieval Reactions (@MedievalReacts)30. Oktober 2015

You're, like, so dead RN.