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Moby Invited to DJ at Donald Trump's Inaugural Ball, Responds: "Hahahahaha"

The outspoken Hillary supporter has said he will accept the offer if Trump releases his tax returns.

It would appear that the Trump inauguration party-planning team are still struggling to fill the lineup for the Donald's big day next week. New York producer and DJ Moby yesterday took to Instagram to reveal he had recently been asked by a booking agent whether he would consider playing an inaugural ball. His answer, in short, was a pretty resounding no, but he did jokingly add that he would offer his services if Trump published his tax returns. He then added that were he to play, the republicans in attendance could expect a set full of Public Enemy and "Stockhausen remixes."


This response shouldn't really come as any surprise to the Trump team. Hours before the election was called in Trump's favour, Moby posted a disillusioned diatribe on Facebook. "The USA is an inch away from electing a man who has ruined businesses, bragged about sexually assaulting women, and spewed racist hate speech," he wrote. "America you are breaking my heart."

See yesterday's Instagram post below.

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