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Rustie's New Video Turns Grainy Nautical VHS Footage Into a Sensory Overload

The Daniel Swan-directed visuals for 'First Myths" just dropped on Reddit, and should probably come with an epilepsy warning.

Rustie's music is always shot through with nostalgia, but what sets his work apart is the way he overdrives that feeling to fever pitch levels of intensities. The new video for "First Mythz," off his new record EVENIFUDONTBELIEVE is a wonderful illustration of that sound, taking a bunch of grainy VHS footage of nautical sports, ocean sunsets, and underwater critters, and pushing it at an almost overwhelming pace, on-beat with the song. The video comes directed by Daniel Swan, who has previously done videos for RL Grime and Dux Content, and Rustie dropped it just now on his Reddit AMA, which is actually still in progress. Also, a heads up, it should probably come with a seizure warning.


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