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This Canadian Nightclub Wants You to Use Donald Trump’s Mouth as a Urinal

District Stop in Winnipeg features "The Donald" in new bathroom mural.
Courtesy of Casey Lourens

Donald Trump's campaign speeches and debate appearances have often seen the U.S. presidential hopeful swaggering like a wasted junior stockbroker feverishly rambling away in a nightclub washroom. So, it seems fitting that Winnipeg nightclub District Stop has installed a new mural in their men's room, featuring a urinal placed strategically on an image of his face. The venue commissioned local artist Nereo to create the piece.


"The club has quite a bit of street art decorating our walls and we decided we wanted to add something that was a little edgy and would incite discussion," club co-owner Casey Lourens told Global News.

Speaking to THUMP, Lourens confirmed the inspiration for the mural came from a photoshopped image that popped up last year, which superimposed Trump's face on a wall behind several Rolling Stones-esque lip toilets in the men's washroom at Paris' Belushi Bar.

If you don't care for his face, take in the great wisdom of his words, like "We have a great relationship with the blacks," which make up the rest of the installation.

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