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Stream Helena Hauff's New Hour-Long Mix for Phormix

The latest installment of the Greek podcast features everybody's favourite Hamburg techno DJ and producer.
Photo via Flickr user Claire Gozi

It's no secret that we're fans of Helena Hauff's dark and dirty acid techno experiments. Last year the German producer put out her debut album Discrete Desires through Actress's Werkdiscs and Ninja Tune, which found her continuing to explore her EBM, industrial, acid house, and techno influences. She also recently launched her own label, Return To Disorder, which featured Leicester psych rock band Children Of Leir as the first release.


Her approach to DJing is similarly eclectic and aggressive, and you can get a taste of that on her new mix for Greece's Phormix, which is also the 40th edition of the series. She effortlessly veers from classic industrial sounds to noisy, lo-fi techno, pushing against the limitations of dance music, while including tracks from Lory D, Umwelt, and more.


Lory D - Sickness
Datasmok - Untitled
Le Chocolat Noir - Just A Little Bit More
Blind Vision - D.D.F.
Die Form - Fear Of The Bloody Night (IBM Industrial Strength Dub)
An-i - Convo
Ultradyne - More Like You (MDK Therapy)
Cleaner Wave - Episode 7
Privacy - Query C
Umwelt - Destruction Liberatrice
Klankman - Draaikolk
Gesloten Cirkel - Zombiemachine Acid
Boneless One ‎- Untitled
Privacy - Apex Predator
Qnete ‎- Grey City Anthem

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