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Erick Morillo Is Back From the Abyss

The house hero and photographer Michael Tullberg stops by this installment of the Rave Curious podcast.
Photo courtesy of the artist.

The prospect of speaking to superstar producers can be a daunting one. Like all ceIebrities, A-list DJs can come off as difficult divas who long ago left the underground club scene in favor of Las Vegas residencies and EDM excess. Even house heroes can seem out of touch after long days spent sunning in Ibiza and nights playing for the bottle service crowds.

Erick Morillo's long and storied history within house music could have set him up as this sort of cloistered star, but the reality of talking to him was far more welcoming. The New York-born DJ and producer comes across lively and open-hearted, willing and ready to talk about anything—from addiction and rehab, to rediscovering his love of dirty, funky house music. High up in his home studio in the Hollywood Hills, the Colombian-American DJ—whose biggest hit, "I Like To Move It," has captured a new generation of kids via its use in the Madagascar movies—has undoubtedly lived the good life. But he's not afraid to face up to the many struggles he's had along the way.

This episode also features a brief interview with photographer Michael Tullberg, whose new book, Dancefloor Thunderstorm: Land of the Free, Home of the Rave, is an epic 300+ page journey through the Southern California rave scene of the mid-90s through early-00s.

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