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Tycho Embraces Darkness on “Epoch”

It’s described as the “keystone” of his forthcoming album.
Photo courtesy of artist

Much of Tycho's music is best enjoyed watching the sunrise in hazy, sand-whipped climes, but it seems his new release may be inching toward the witching hour.

The San Francisco DJ, producer, and graphic designer born Scott Hansen has shared a new single, "Epoch," and with it, news of a forthcoming album. The track maintains his glimmering, ethereal soundscapes, but just over halfway through wades into murky waters that swell and wane into a rousing finale. According to Tycho's Soundcloud, "Epoch" is the "keystone" of his new album, which will signal a creative shift: "honing the sonic aesthetic of Dive while drawing on the kinetic energy of Awake, it explores darker themes and new musical territory," the description reads.

Listen to "Epoch" below. Starting today (September 16), Tycho begins a North American tour, hitting cities such as Salt Lake City, Detroit, Atlanta, and Las Vegas before ending at San Francisco's Treasure Island Festival on October 16. In January, he will head overseas to play Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. View the full list of dates here.