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Kris Trindl Moves on from Krewella With New Project: Hunter Square

Listen to his first song with new partner-in-crime Mat Devine, a remix of "Falling in Love Will Kill You."
Mat Devine (Photo by Dirk Mai)

Former Krewella producer Kris Trindl has shaken off the hubbub surrounding his departure from the superstar EDM group, and is moving on to a new project: a production duo called Hunter Square with Mat Devine of Kill Hannah. Their very first track together is a dance pop remix of "Falling in Love Will Kill You," a sentimental rock ballad by Devine under his solo alias, Wrongchilde. It features vocals by My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way.


It just so happens that everyone involved has something in common: they were all integral members of a highly successful group before deciding to go on their own merry ways. Way's debut solo album Hesitant Alien came out this year, as did Devine's first LP as Wrongchilde, Gold Blooded. Now, it's Trindl's turn to try his hand as a frontman. His team tells us that Hunter Square will be remixing a bunch of other artists, as well as co-writing songs with featured vocals. Who says breaking up is hard to do?

Snag a free download of Hunter Square's remix of "Falling in Love Will Kill You" here 

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