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American Teen Khalid Peforms for Jimmy Fallon, Who's An Overgrown Teen

He performed “Location” with The Roots.

Khalid's debut album American Teen, released last week, is a sensual slow-burner of a record that's worth listening to a few times, if only to get to grips with the restraint that the 19-year-old exercises through all of the chilled-out pop. He's 19! If most people had the bubblegum R&B of "8TEEN" to work over, they'd be on a vocal sugar high for three minutes, but Khalid Robinson is smarter than that.


Speaking of restraint, Khalid was the musical guest on The Tonight Show last night, visiting American Teen in an American man's body, Jimmy Fallon. The Roots held steady while Khalid danced and charmed his way through album standout "Location." His voice was perfect, a stoned out revelation as it is when American Teen really locks in, and he broke out some crowd-pleasing dance moves too.

Watch the performance below, and check out the bonus backstage footage of Khalid explaining "Location"'s origins beneath that.

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