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A letter from THUMP’s Editor-in-Chief.

Dear THUMP Readers,

Last week, in a tweet spurred by a recent infographic, Skrillex referred to THUMP as "the EDM TMZ." In a following tweet, Deadmau5 agreed. It seems the DJs took issue with some of our more lighthearted coverage of dance music culture and personalities. As journalists and writers who avoid the kind of somewhat predatory, often invasive tactics deployed by tabloid outlets, we knew this to be untrue.


Skrillex also challenged us to "hire more writers who actually give a shit about what's going on." The truth is, we care very much about what goes on in the world of electronic music.

.@thumpthump you have so much influence and reach, stop being EDM TMZ. Hire more writers who actually give a shit about whats going on
- Skrillex (@Skrillex) September 18, 2014

Though our staff and freelancers range in age and experience, each of us at THUMP has been raised on the dancefloor. We are as passionate about this music as we know our readers are; it has defined our lives and we cherish the opportunity to share it with the world every day.

As Editor-in-Chief, I am proud to say that we are the only dance music media outlet to consistently cover issues of social and cultural importance with depth and intelligence. We share stories that inform our readers about the dangers of fake drugs, the ways festival attire can be offensive and the changes in SoundCloud policies. We showcase armed forces veterans who find redemption in festivals and dig into the history and origins of disco. We talk to artists as diverse as Porter Robinson, Bassnectar and Ikonika, championing their work and giving you insight into how their music gets made and why it matters. We turn over our platform to artists like Kele Okereke and Todd Edwards to share their deeply-held passions and reflect on their own unique experiences in the world of dance music. We celebrate the untold stories on the peripheries of our culture as much as we put our hands up for what happens on main stages across the world.


To put it lightly, at THUMP, we definitely give a shit about what's going on.

Sometimes though, we like to have fun. Today is one of those times as we present to you, for one day only, TMP, the EDM TMZ.

And for the record, Sonny, we still love you dearly.

Rave on,

Zel McCarthy is the EDM Harvey Levin, just for today. @ZelMcCarthy