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Maceo Plex's Fucked-up New Video Is Out to Offend

Sex, drugs and sinister house music. All In a day's work for the American producer.
August 8, 2014, 6:53pm
"WARNING: The video contains images that might shock or frighten and may be disturbing or incomprehensible to minors. Includes descriptive scenes depicting the use of illegal substances, nudity, violence, portrayals of violence with some bloodletting."

So warns the track description beneath Maceo Plex's new video promo. So basically everything short of dog-on-dog hardcore then?

The liberal-baiting vid for "Conjure Superstar" depicts a nightmarish terror ride through an unnamed British city, viewed from the perspective of a nicked phone as it changes hands between a series of dicks, dolly birds and n'er do wells, with the finished product resembling a found footage update of The Prodigy's notorious "Smack My Bitch Up" video, complete with its own shock ending.


The video takes aim at the online generation, in a age where everyone's a superstar in their own twitter feed. Says the producer "Everyone's a Conjured up Superstar. Is it really about the music anymore?"

It's a clever, innovatively shot video, a throwback to the 90s when Jonathan Glazer was at his peak and every Bjork video was a mini-masterpiece.

'Conjure Superstar' is out now on Kompakt. Order here 

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