Listen to Three (!) New Songs from Charli XCX's Upcoming Mixtape "Number 1 Angel"

Is Charli about to drop the year's most *flame emoji* tape?
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB
March 8, 2017, 10:47am

It's International Women's Day! Happy International Women's Day. As if to celebrate, Charli XCX – Proper Popstar and superlative wearer of PVC – has blessed us with three (3!) new songs from her upcoming mixtape, due to be released this Friday 10 March.

MistaJam premiered the tracks on Tuesday on his Radio 1 show, where he was joined by Charli over the phone. In keeping with her particular brand of kitsch, the mixtape's title – Number 1 Angel – sounds like a slogan you might have found on a Tammy Girl t-shirt in 2001, and the track names, "Pull Up" (which features MØ), "Dreamer" (featuring Raye and Starrah) and "Lipgloss" (with CupcakKe), could all feasibly be nail polish colours. All this is to say, come Friday I am all ears.

The list of collaborators is also likely to get your mouth watering, not least because Number 1 Angel will! include! an! appearance! by! UFFIE! Real life Uffie, reclusive French queen of electronic music, has been pulled out of hiding (though if anyone could do it, it was Charli XCX), and will be also be joined by ABRA, as well as the co-conspirators listed above. PC MUSIC's AG Cook and Danny L Harle are amongst those on production duties, so you know it's gonna be weird as all fuck and I can't wait.

Listen to the new tracks below, at 3:50, 9:19 and 16:22:

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