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Sosolimited Use The London Eye To Communicate The Collective Consciousness Towards The Olympics

One of London’s biggest landmarks will light up and show off the enthusiasm towards the Games, sourcing opinions from Twitter.
July 20, 2012, 8:08pm

With the Olympic Games fast approaching, every Londoner’s bracing themselves for a mass influx of people and hopefully two weeks of British Olympic glory. Meanwhile Sosolimited are preparing for a mass influx of light. Their latest work converts the London Eye into a reactive light show made especially for the Games.

Every night at 9 PM BST the London Eye will light up based on the sentiment toward the games. The public will respond on Twitter with the hashtag #Energy2012 which will fuel the lights on the landmark.


Sosolimited worked with EDF energy and a group of MIT students to use an algorithm called “Twitter Sentiment Analysis” to scan tweets related to the games—searching for words like “Olympics.” It will find them and use positive or negative words in the tweets to control the level of the light. If people are hating on the Games, the Eye will only be half lit. If they’re loving them, it will go full circle.

The following image explains the process:

So if you’re in the city and near the Eye at 9 PM during the Olympics, make sure you take a look and check out how the country is feeling.

[via The Verge.]