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NUIverse For Microsoft Surface Places The Universe At Your Fingertips

This app turns the galaxy maps of sci-fi into reality.
March 29, 2012, 3:14pm

Most of us would like to have the universe at our fingertips, able to traverse the cosmos at will much like a mythological god. Unfortunately, we are but human, so it’s a little out of our reach. A new application for Microsoft Surface called NUIverse by Dr. David Brown places it within our grasp—virtually, at least.

The app isn’t quite finished, but Dr. Brown released the above video to show what it can do, because who wouldn’t want to show this off? Even though most of us won’t actually own a Microsoft Surface, the level of intricacy in the app is still impressive.

Microsoft Surface is a touch computing desk that uses an innovative interface which has "pixel sense," where infrared sensors turn each individual pixel on the screen into a camera so they can “see.” Using this blinged out touchscreen, Brown demonstrates how you can quickly navigate around the universe in the app—move from side-to-side, pinch-zoom onto a planet’s textured surface, roll the camera, speed up or slow down time, use multitouch gestures, render 100,000 stars on screen in real-time and lots more—allowing for a very detailed exploration of the astral planes. The data is supplied by NASA.

You can also place transparent tags onto the surface turning each one into a Heads Up Display (HUD), in what becomes an intricate map of the solar system that uses a Natural User Interface (NUI), which wouldn’t be out of place onboard a spaceship.

[via The Awesomer]