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Fashion In A Flash: Light Painted Dresses

Atton Conrad uses a custom tool to create dresses from light.
February 7, 2013, 1:40pm

“You’re not going out dressed like that,” is a cliched phrase that I expect to be telling my daughter when she reaches teenage years. I’m just going to say it to her when I don’t agree with the color scheme she’s wearing, nevermind whether it’s inappropriate or not.

It’s a phrase you could say to the models in this photo series without a fear of upsetting them, because they really can’t go out dressed like that. Because their dresses are made of light.


Photographer Atton Conrad created these transient dresses using his own light painting techniques. This involved his own specially made “light brushes” that allow him to create the intricate patterns and give him a much greater command of where the light goes, while operating the camera remotely. The images were created for a shoot for 125 Magazine.

Images: © Atton Conrad

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