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This Drinkable Water Bubble Could Kill the Plastic Bottle Once and For All

Smart design company Skipping Rocks Lab has successfully crowdfunded their next big move.
Image via Crowdcube / Skipping Rocks Lab

The eco-friendly water bottle of the future could be an edible, drinkable, compostable bubble. From London-based creators Skipping Rocks LabOoho! is poised to be an antidote to the wasteful and manipulative world of plastic bottled water.

Since 2014, it's been surging through the UK startup scene, and already Ooho! has raised £605k in two days of crowdfunding on Crowdcube. Half of the money will be used to develop Skipping Rocks Lab machinery, and the other half will pay for research and development into making the material, which is already comparable to plastic in cost of production, cheaper, faster, and better.


From the video above, Ooho! makes drinking water actually look fun. It also cuts out harmful plastic waste that interferes with terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, like the giant garbage island swirling in the Pacific Ocean. The membrane itself is made out of a chemical from seaweed.

The scope of Ooho!'s environmental impact has been met with anticipation from heavy hitters in the startup game, earning support from the Climate-KIC accelerator and winning both the Wired Retail 2016 Start-up of the Year and Lexus Design Awards.

Ooho! has been available to Londoners through small pop-ups over the last six months, and Skipping Rocks Lab is in talks with Virgin Sports and Live Nation to potentially distribute at large events like marathons and concerts as soon as 2018.

Support Skipping Rocks Lab and Ooho! here.


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